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Hot sauce...

...is not Crohn's friendly, at least not today. Noted.
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Yeah I found that out years ago , but I am not a fan of hot sauce anyways. Spicy foods are not on my agenda. Are you ok ????
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Yup, recovering.
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Which kind of hot sauce did you have?

I use the original Tabasco sauce all the time without any noticable side-effects. The ingredients are simply distilled vinegar, red pepper, and salt.

However, I have a mild case of Crohns's and have been on the SC Diet for almost a year now -- so I wouldn't presuppose everyone would be able to use Tabasco unscathed!!
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lol...I have some days when hot sauce isn't friendly either.....but I LOVE my chicken wings on the medium-hot side (mouth watering right now!).....and also have green sauce at the office to use instead of salt to season things.....

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Oh ouch, I'm in pain just thinking about it! I can't do anything hot or spicy - even seemingly benign stuff like garlic and mild taco seasoning cause me problems. The blander it is, the safer it is. I hope you recover soon, Kelly!
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Yes Cat you are correct but I hate bland! I'll just have 1/8 the amount of sauce in future.

It was gooood. Soooo goood.

I can't cheat and have a carrot or a bran muffin by strict orders from GI, but hot sauce won't cause blockages, just an evening of discomfort. A change from bland was SO needed!

Worth it? Nope, but did I mention it was really good?
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Sad, I LOVE LOVE LOVE spicy food, I just can't eat it anymore, I will be in the bathroom with tears and throwing up it hurts so bad. I swear it upsets my stomach for days and days on end. So spicy food and hot sauce was the first to go.
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Anything hot sets me off, I'm hoping that being on a fairly strict diet for awhile will let my insides heal a bit and I'll be able to eat hot stuff again.

Then again, it's been 3 years and only now have I really started to taking getting better seriously. I probably should have a much longer time ago...
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I was a hot sauce FREAK before I got diagnosed in middle school. To this day I still love spicy food and I make some of the best salsa around Unfortunately I just can't do it anymore.. It was a sad day for me when I realized that the joy from eating the spicy foods just is not worth the pain that night and the following days. I still try it every once in a while hoping that something has changed. Nope lol
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I love hot sauce, unfortunately capsaicin is known to increase intestinal permeability, making leaky gut - a critical component of all autoimmune diseases - worse.

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So far I haven't noticed that hot sauces (or other spicy foods) have caused me any issues. I recently had surgery and hope that doesn't change as I LOVE spicy food! Spaghetti sauce on the other hand, I tend to have issues with that. They are not as bad as those some of you have, but I tend to avoid it most of the time (especially in higher quantities).

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...is not Crohn's friendly, at least not today. Noted.

Yes... Sadly, I am aware. I still love my Tabasco though, at least while while it's going in. Exiting, well not that's a different story altogether.

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