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Doing much better now, as well as humbled and inspired!

Hi everyone,

First off I would like to say thank you to everyone here! You folks are amazing. I felt and still feel really weak when I think about this disease. I could barely handle it and here I find lots of people that are by far worse off then I was and are also amazingly strong! You are all a great inspiration! Thank you so much for posting your stories and allowing us to read them. I don't really know how to express this in words, but just thank you!!

Success?!!!! I seem to be able to eat anything now (except the one day I forget to take my lialda!) and I am back to more or less normal! It was actually kind of frighting at first, about 1.5 weeks ago I was sitting there going hmm I haven't gone to the bathroom in 8 hours I wonder whats wrong now(prior to that day it was more like every 30minutes). 21 hours later I was starting to get really worried! then a normal poo! soo crazy a thing to get excited about!!!! It was/seems really odd just magically the colon decided to kick on and return to normal. A few days later my normal hunger returned too (darn! i coulda lost a few more pounds... heh).

This has been a trying and interesting ride/experience for me. Thank you all for sharing your stories and letting me know there are much stronger peoples out there. You all have been great even if you didn't know it you are, and helped me!
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So nice to hear good things. Yes, this disease is trying and the pain it not forever, you have to find your "little miracle" that helps you. Whether is it diet, exercise and medication, it helps to have somewhat a positive outlook on life. Many years that I have had this disease and with all my misgivings in my past, I have become a stronger person, if not just for myself but for my family. Thanks for an inspiring posts. We have done our job . I still learn from this forum and I am grateful it exist!

Hope you continued success!
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I am sooo pleased that you are doing better! A little word of caution though.....don't go too nuts with the food, if things are settling down for you, now is the time to get onto a good diet and crohns happy foods. If this can help keep things under control without the need any any further meds then your'e onto a winner

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lowone, That is fabulous news!!
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So happy to hear you are on the other side of your disease! This forum has been a lifesaver for me also. It's so nice to be able to ask questions and share experiences of people that are going or who have gone through the same things as me! A shout out to this forum: Thanks!!

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