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IV Methylprednisolone - how long effective?

My son had a bad flare up of this Crohn's in December and he was given a 5-day course of IV Methylpred. in hospital together with a 6-week course of Cipro .
The response has been remarkable. He's gone from really ill and not wanting even to leave his bed to being back at school! That was 5 weeks ago now.

Has anyone else had experience of this drug in a short dose? How long do the effects normally last? He is also on Humira but this has not really been effective. I am concerned that, without an increase of any other drugs, when the impact of the MethylPred wears off and he finishes the cipro he'll go back to where he was. Any thoughts?
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Not sure about methylpred but with most steroids the effect is very temporary (days rather than weeks). You son's course was also very short. So after 5 weeks, I would guess that the impact has already worn off.

Sometimes though drugs are more effective at maintaining remission than putting you there. So hopefully, now that your son's flare up is under control, the humira will be able to keep him there?
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Five days of IV steroids is pretty standard when presenting to hospital with an acute exacerbation of symptoms. I doubt he would be still experiencing the effects of it but since he is feeling so well now it most likely did the job it was mean't to, knock the inflammation on the head quick smart with the Cipro taking over from there. If this flare is now under control then Humira may well be effective once the Cipro stops. Unfortunately it's a bit hard to predict what will happen.

Good luck!

Dusty. xxx
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The difference in the treatment is how the drugs work and how they are used. Prednisone is not intended to be a maintenance drug (however for some it unfortunately becomes one). It is intended to get acute inflammation under control so that whatever drug(s) used for maintenance can "kick in" and do their job. In your son's case it sounds like Humira and Cipro.

It's certainly not impossible that his condition will worsen again if Humira is not effective for him. But the doctors are giving it the best chance to work. If he does worsen again, it will be time to have a discussion about his treatment regimen.

I hope you are able to find a treatment course that is effective for him and keeps him feeling well. Good luck.

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