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Still waiting to start!

I have boxes and boxes of elemental 028 extra all ready to go in my front room.

Yesterday I went for my flex-sig to confirm that the disease is still active; that Aza and Pred haven't put me into remission.

Guess what? No inflammation found. I'm still on 15mg Pred so it could flare up again as I come down but for now at least everything is peachy.

I have learned one thing already though. For me at least 2mg/kg of Aza didn't work. Upping it a little seems to have made a difference, even though my GI told me it wouldn't. So, before writing it off give it at least 12 weeks and consider going up a little (not above 2.5mg/kg). I'm no doctor though so this would need to be discussed with one!!

Anyway, I'm still waiting to see what happens. I hope I stay in remission. If I do I'll use a dietary treatment for my next flare up.

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That's great news. Let's hope you stay well coming off the Pred.
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Good news! Ditto what littlemissh said above.
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