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A question for anyone who has been on remicade and taken a break before restarting.

Has anyone who has been on remicade previously and then come off it for a while and then gone back on it had to have a chest X-Ray before they can go back on remicade.
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I was off it for 8 months before restarting and did not have to undergo any of the testing I had initially. No X-ray, No TB test.
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Same here. Was on Remicade and stopped when I got pregnant years ago. Didn't restart until a few years later, my GI didn't make me redo tests either.
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I was on for two years and off for one. I had to redo TB test and chest xray before we started the second time. I should add, I had a near fatal reaction the second time around. On my second infusion, 20 minutes in, I stopped breaking and felt like I was put into a pot of boiling water. I caution anyone who is starting back up again to make sure you are under the watchful eye of a nurse. If I wasnt being monitored so closely, I would have died. After my first infusion I got very achy and had a small rash on my arms. It was a warning signal that I ignored. It is very easy to build up antibodies to the mouse protein in the drug. Once those antibodies are formed and you get the drug again your body can totally reject it sending you into shock. That said, I know others who reintroduced it sucessfully without a tramatic experience like mine. Also, Remicade was really my miracle drug the first time around and I am still disopointed that it didnt work the second time. I hope all goes well for you.

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Did your doctor ask you if you have been out of the country while not taking Remicade?? if you answered yes then he is checking for TB if no he is still checking for TB for a coupld of reasons
1 your insurance might require it before restarting therapy
2 your doctor is trying to protect you just incade you have come in contact.
All in all its not a bad thing at all
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First time round - miracle drug.
Second time round - second infusion - convulsions - thought I was going to die.
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I read a lot about remicade, it as most people here said, stoping and restarting rarely works.

If you want to stop and start up again later you rpobably won't be able to. So think carefully before stopping.
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My understanding from asking my doc is if I stop, there is no reason to start again. He claims that if you stop, for whatever reason, if wont work if you start again.

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