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Does Imodium work after you remove a significant amount of intestine?
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Don't really know for sure, but, i wouldn't depend on it to much because your system might become dependent on it too much. Others might have more insight in the form, sorry about the removable of your intestine though.

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hey, I've recently had surgery. I only have nine inches of colon left, but I don't really go to the bathroom as much as I thought I would. I had a doctor tell me that immodium is ok to take, but it shouldn't be used everyday. Sometimes it doesn't help at all...I find it really helpful to eat a lot of pasta, pretzels, cheese, and bananas. I read my food labels to make sure I don't eat anything with too much fiber. I'll try to help out as much as I can. I wish you the best.
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I no longer have my colon and take imodium almost every day to thicken things up and it works really well.. so I would guess so!

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Misty-Eyed, can you not get toxic/heavy colon this way??? Imodium is like a weak narcotic but using everyday can do the same thing to you that happened to Elvis and John Wayne, is that not accurate? I am just concerned did you have a GI say it was fine for you to take it daily?
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Billyjoel.. I can't get toxic/heavy colon as I do not have a colon! I would be a medical miracle if I did haha. That's why I have to take the imodium. I don't have a colon to reabsorb water so everything is very watery when it comes out. I would get very dehydrated otherwise.
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My specialist told me that I can take up to 8 capsules a day of Loperamide. These days I dont take the capsules, I use the syrup. I sometimes take 20ml in one go which is only the equivalent of I think 2 capsules. With the onset of another stricture I'm hardly using any @ all. Not a great idea to use with very narrow strictures.
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