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New loop colostomy advice please

Hi all I'm 1 week post surgery with a colostomy and on a low res diet this past two days, I'm passing mostly brown water at the min sometimes a little thicker, the stoma nurse tells me this is perfectly normal and it will thicken up and settle into a routine,im also on my third week of strong iv antibiotics so I guess that won't be helping the big d. Just wondered if there was anyone else with a colostomy and what theirs was like in the beginning suppose I just want reassurance that it will get better from people that have been there. Thanks to all for listening.
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I have a colostomy and for the first month or so I had looser stools. Once I got into a routine of eating regular solid food, my stools became thicker. Now, over 2 years later I have some pretty hard For the most part, my stool is like it was pre-Crohn's. I occasionally get the Big D, but that's only if I'm sick or ate something that really didn't agree with me. Once you get off the meds and the low res diet, you should be fine...Hang in there! It gets better!

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