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06-01-2008, 08:07 PM   #1
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Joint Pain

How bad is your joint pain?

Mine gets really bad. I just crumple in like I have contractures sometimes and it gets bad enough that I'll call out in pain. Holding my baby is really difficult a lot of the time as well. The joint pain alone is making it near-impossible to work. I just started on with a nursing home here after I moved and after 2 days I'm having trouble getting out of bed, literally. It's so painful and my joints are so stiff it's difficult to lift and roll myself. I'm having trouble holding my arms out enough to type on the keyboard right now and I'm off to work in 2 hours.
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mines bad. i know how you feel

i'm now on methotrexate which is doing some good for both my crohns and arthritus, maybe suggest that to your doctor?

aslo, fish oil tablets are been a huge help to me.

also very warm shower give really good relief at the start of he day.

get into calcium tablets as well.

(yep, your drugs and vitamin bill just went up agin)

not holding your baby properly really has to suck colt. i really feel for you.
06-02-2008, 04:10 AM   #3
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aw i am so sorry to hear it hurts to such an extent, Colt can the doctors not give you something more effective than what you're on just now?
06-02-2008, 04:13 AM   #4
Jeff D.
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I'm more of muscle pain right now. I get spasms in my back that last for hours and no amount of stretching or massages really help. I just took some pain killers though and the help a bit. I hope you start to feel better soon Colt.
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I'm not seeing a doctor and haven't for about 5 years. I can't afford it. There's a clinic here that I'll try (the last one I tried wouldn't take potentially life threatening cases) when I can find the time but I've had so much going on it's surprisingly low on my priority list right now.
06-03-2008, 06:05 PM   #6
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ummm, this is only the first day of major relief (and yes, it feels like its happened over night) so i dont want to sound like a prophet or have the cure for you,


6 days ago i started taking glaucosamine with my fish oil, and WOW. i have not felt relief in my bones like this since before i actually got sick.....

give it a go!
06-03-2008, 06:10 PM   #7
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good thinking, Jed. i've heard people praise glucosamine highly - certainly worth a try! & i'm pleased to hear your joints are less painful now - hope it stays that way
08-19-2010, 06:28 PM   #8
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I'm wondering if my meds are causing my terrible joint pain. Anyone with similar thoughts?
03-12-2011, 04:35 PM   #9
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Aw the wonderful joint pain. I have pain in my knees (mostly my right knee), My wrists and my ankles really bad at night that I never had before.
03-27-2011, 06:16 PM   #10
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I've added a proper poll to this thread, so vote away.

My join pain isn't too bad and comes and goes. I find if I make sure to reduce my stress and do my yoga, it's pretty inconsequential.
03-27-2011, 09:35 PM   #11
D Bergy
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No pain, but a little morning stiffness, probably because I am not as young as I used to be.

All in all, I have no significant joint problems.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.
03-27-2011, 09:56 PM   #12
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I get lots of pain in my hip and toe joints mainly.
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04-06-2011, 01:36 PM   #13
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I get pain in my fingers and wrist, mainly. It's not "severe" in that when I'm walking around all day I don't feel it or notice it. But as soon as I try to bend the affected fingers or turn a door handle it can be bad enough that I just can't do it. It affects my ability to function. It is transient in every joint except my right wrist, where it stays all the time. This is a new symptom for me (since December) since my latest "flare" and when I am being treated (right now I'm on Pred) it seems to be ok.
04-08-2011, 01:27 AM   #14
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My spouse gets bad arthritis related to her Crohn's. She gets 1.5 weeks of relief from her Humira shots, which she takes every two weeks. Remicade, methotrexate, and low-dose steroids can also help IBD-related arthritis. For short term relief, I suggest paraffin wax baths.

Dr. S
04-23-2011, 01:31 AM   #15
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i seem to get muscle pain alot in my legs and arms and i have to hardly do anything to get it, its not heaps bad but its a pain!!
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04-25-2011, 10:47 PM   #16
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My hips have ached for at least 10 years. My arm joints snap and pop regularly, every once in a while my knees feel as though they are going to fail and I stagger on stairs. I do find Glucosomine a great benefit to the snapping joints. Since I started Remicade my pinky finger aches. Go figure. I am building up to a 1/2 century, so some of it is to be expected. Some of it isn't. I tolerate it, no pain killers.
04-26-2011, 08:04 AM   #17
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My joint pain is the worst about 5-7 days after my Remicade treatment and lasts about 4 -7 days. My wife has started doctoring me up with Mona-vie the day after my treatment for a week. It really helped last time. The time before we didn't do it and I felt like I had gravel in my ankles when I walked. That was painful.
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04-28-2011, 04:18 PM   #18
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Sorry to hear you are in pain.
I get bad pain in all joints my knees just give out and my fingers,thumbs are starting to disfigure. Shins are painful and are all lumpy if I bang them on something the air turns a bit blue.
12-31-2011, 07:23 AM   #19
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My knees feel like they swell up - they don't but it feels like it and it hurts to move and my legs feel all heavy.
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12-31-2011, 11:55 AM   #20
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I have pain in my hips, toes, and neck. I get steroid shots in my back for spinal stenosis and that helps my hips.
I also use, as needed, Vicodin and that helps me get through the days and the nights when I can't sleep due to pain.

Hope you feel better.....

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Humira=numb feet & hands
12-31-2011, 04:17 PM   #21
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Boy can things change. Since my last post in this thread in April, my joint pains have changed so much. I have my Remicade infusion and get a couple of weeks of minimal pain. Then 6 weeks of pain that gets worse. Moves from joint to joint, hands, wrists, anckles, feet, shoulders, jaw, scalp(go figure). By the time I saw a doctor, it didn't show, so I took pictures and started to graph the pain levels. They have me pegged as having RA now and have put me on Methotrexate to combat it. I am fully aware of the side effects and the dangers of both drugs, but I am more than willing to take that risk over the debilitating pain I have been living with. Here's to hoping it works. Today is a pretty good day. Happy new year!!


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