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Branching Paristomal Fistula

Well I posted months back about a peristomal abscess that developed into a fistula right next to my colostomy, this happened back in August. After recovering from the abscess a very painful fistula formed and continued to become more active.

In October I had a scope which showed a large stricture 1 foot in from my stoma In the transverse colon and it was ruled I needed surgery. It took from October 16th until yesterday to get elective surgery preformed here in Canada. Upon opening me up the surgon reported that the fistula had branched from beside my stoma, up joining to my stomach and another track to the small intestine. Wow looks like the advice I got on these forums to get it checked and have surgery before this happened was right on par. Now I'm in the hospital hoping for a speedy recovery.
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I am glad you have that behind you and are on the road to recovery, wishing you a speedy recovery as well!!!
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Wishing you a speedy recovery
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Yes, very glad you got it checked out and sincerely hoping this is the end of all these problems for you. Thanks for letting us know and keep us posted with your progress. Big hugs x
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