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Still getting used my new stoma

My stoma (berry) is a month old. I wear a coloplast one piece system and I'm still getting used to the feeling of pooping in the bag. It can freak me out from time to time, worried that I've sprung a leak. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time, but it can make for an interesting challenge to make sure all is good while i'm out and about.
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It's great to hear that things seem to be going well for you and that you are getting used to your stoma. In time, you will become familiar with its little peculiarities and stop worrying about it, but that's not to say that you shouldn't be prepared for the odd "accident". I always carry everything that I need for a change, just in case.

I wear a coloplast one-piece, too.
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It will take a while but the more time passes the more used to it you will get and with that will come a lot more confidence within yourself and confidence in your bag. I find myself still checking if i can to make sure its not leaking but i guess everyone will do that from time to time.. in public places i sort of shove my arm up my shirt and pretend im scratching somat when in actual fact im feeling around the edges of my bag for any leaks lol

Like susan says tho its always good to be prepared for the odd accident and carry supplies with you just incase. then you know that if something unfortunately happens and your away from home you can find somewhere suitable and change.
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I've had Stan for a bit over a year now. I still get a bit freaked out when Stan lets rip. And yes, I mean farts as well! I guess what I mean is it may always feel a bit weird! (Stan gets squished rapidly when he gets going. I have to squish him with my hand to quieten him down..he's very naughty, thats why he has a boy name)

I do worry about leaks less now. You can usually tell they are coming by the 'whiff' you get. Then RUN, do not walk to the loo with your supplies!
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