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Flying! Help!

I am supposed to be flying from Florida to NY tomorrow for my job and this is the first time I've flown since my ileostomy surgery! I need some advice/help on how to go about going through security!!!!!!
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I've never had a problem...there's no metal on your bag so you won't be setting any alarms off. And even if you get searched (I've had it happen twice), they'll feel around the inside of your waistband and ask what your bag is...just say it's a medical device. I've never had to say more than that.

Good luck!

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I got a card to give to security from the stoma nurses here, explaining that I have a 'medical appliance'. I dont know if they have that in the USA though.

It is my understanding that security staff are trained about ostomies though. Believe it or not, there's ALOT of us out there!

Dont worry, dont stress!! It will be fine, just explain it to them when you get there. You will go thru the xray anyway, so they can see its not an issue. Just tell them before you go thru. Quiet like.
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I freaked out at first but then I was talking to my boss about the situation and she asked about my surgery because she knew I had surgery but didn't know what exactly it was. I was explaining it to her and she was just sitting there saying how cool that was and how brave I was and how it seemed I was adjusting fine. I thought about it and was like Hey who cares! I started thinking I can't worry about this because it really is not that big of a deal. Hey if people want to see my bag in the airport I'll show them cause I shouldn't be embarrassed because this saved my life!
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I've flown all over the world and have never had any problems - even when being patted down in a very security conscious country such as Jordan.

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