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Psoriasis Flare in Weird Places!!

I just had 2 appointments in a row this morning, followed by labs.
First, I met with my GI and got a script for prilosec for acid reflux.
Next, I met with my dermatologist to get treatment for a psoriasis flare.

I have a big rash on my hairline above the back of my neck; another on my left eyelid; the inside of both ear canals; and (strangely), inside of my right nostril.
The itching is unbearable in the ears.
And the nose just plain HURTS!!
This is entirely new to me, as I've only ever had psoriasis on my hands and scalp.
This is making me crazy!!

My lovely diseases like to take turns flaring up.
If it's not UC, then it's arthritis.
If it's not arthritis, then it's psoriasis.
Anyone else??

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I get eczema inside my ears. Itches like crazy and used to give me a lot of ear infections when I was younger. Thankfully it has calmed down a lot now I'm older. i also have it in the fold behind my ear at the moment. And I have it on my scalp, I'm now resorting to using baby shampoos because anything else burns. (at least I'm assuming it's eczema since that's what I had elsewhere as a child, could be psoriasis for all I know)

Never had it in my nostril though.
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My doctor suspects I have Psoriasis. was your heartburn connected to you Psoriasis? my heartburn got so much worse in the last few weeks as i got this lovely psoriasis.
I wonder if there is a connection...
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I've had it on my lids before...and eyebrows. Do you use T-sal? Clobex steroid shampoo is my fave for my scalp, and I have also had it bad in my relief from it there! My dad gets it in his nose...ouch!
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