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LDN and post-op pain interference?

Ive been taking LDN for a while (with mild to no results). Anyways Im looking at maybe having another resection surgery and was wondering.. since LDN is an opioid antagonist and prevents the body from experiencing opioid effects, how would one taking LDN deal with post-op pain? Would I go OFF LDN a few days/weeks/months before surgery? Im a little confused. Thanks
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How long is a while? Is it a good source? The right type (not SR)? Reason I ask is... if LDN does kick in, you might find you don't need the surgery. It's been a while, but I believe that 11+% of people on LDN didn't see any benefit after 12 - 14 weeks (in original study).
You may be one of those for whom LDN isn't the answer, but if it were me, I'd want to be absolutely certain it wasn't going to work before I went under the scapel again. But that's just me.

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I don't believe LDN blocks opiates for longer than 5 hours, or so. I am not positive about this, but I have taken some the following morning 12+ hrs later, for joint issues, with no problems. Again I'm not positive, but, at worst, LDN will just block the effects--not make you physically ill like full dose naltrexone.

I would echo Kev's suggestions and check what your LDN is cut with. Calcium carbonate, I believe, is sometimes mistakenly used which slows the release. Other times, lactose is used and will aggravate symptoms in those intolerant.
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