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H20 86

What kind of vitamins is best for a person with Crohns ????

I'm taking "One a Day (mens)" and i was just wondering if certain vitamins are better to use for people with crohns.
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Jeff D.
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What I have been told about vitamins is that it is best to take liquid or chewable vitamins because they break up and enter the bloodstream more quickly and easily then pill form vitamins. Pill form has to go into the intestines and break up slowly to be entered into our system. Whereas chewable and liquid vitamins immeditately start to enter our bloodstream as it enters our mouth. If you can skip out on needed your intestines to break down the vitamins, and mant of us have problems absorbing nutrients, then do it. Best of luck
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H20 86
i got some chewable vitamins today and they do feel better in your tummy then the Pill form. Thanks alot Jeff
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Jeff D.
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Yep no problem. I personally can't take the liquid stuff as it just makes me gag but some chewables are okay for me to get down. My dietician and GI recomended me to take flintstone vitamins and they seem to do okay. Best source as always is from foods but that's not always practical.
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H20 86
hahahaha... i got flintstone vitamins too. I loved those from when i was younger and when i saw them at the store, i had to pick them up.
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Hmm, I hate to shoot down the Flintstones... always had a thing for Betty Rubble. But to form those shapes I'm assuming they use a lot of binding agents, possibly lactose.. perhaps other artificial ingredients. The whole shape thing was to lure kids into taking them; NOT because they were the best/safest formulations. I use generic, lactose free for men over 50 in a gelatin capsule. No added dyes, or any lactose as a binder. Seems to be working OK

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i'd agree, chewable or dispersible vitamins would be better for anyone with an intestinal problem. however, watch out for added acids in these preparations - many chewable vits are designed for kids, and come in quite strong fruit flavours.

i'd be inclined to make sure there's a good percentage of the RDA of calcium & B vitamins particularly, if purchasing a multivit. and if you're taking calcium separately, you need vit D to help assimilate it.
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Hey!Health does not come in a little pill. Eat balanced meals and exercise daily and you will live a healthy, happy, productive life. Stock up on that.


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Sadie12 said:
Hey!Health does not come in a little pill. Eat balanced meals and exercise daily and you will live a healthy, happy, productive life. Stock up on that.

Hey, stock up on some attention, as you obviously missed the blatant fact you're on a CROHN'S FORUM where people have digestive issues with normal, healthy foods, and exercise is quite impossible when you're bleeding from the rear with frequent diarrhea and cramps. Think before you type please.

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I've tried many types of multi, some very expensive ones which claim to be more natural and with no additives, but all of them caused me discomfort. Surprisingly the only ones I could tolerate were Centrum!!!!! Do you think Centrum is OK?
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I take one a day women's variety, can't do flintstones as they have sorbitol in them which reacts to my tummy (and does for many CD patients I have read). Would love to find a chewable though, as I chew the one a day anyway. Can't swallow pills. Liquid too - but haven't seen that on the shelves.
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I use multibionta from seven seas..... they seem to be no problem on the tumtum ... they are a probiotic formula....also they dont overdose on iron which i seem to notice in some vitamin tablets....dont know why iron should be a problem but it seems to affect me......
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One thing my GI told me about vitamins was to make sure you are taking ones without iron. Oral iron has been known to irritate the gut in people with CD. I noticed a positive difference when I switched to vitamins without iron, from ones with it. He also told me to stick with the chewables.
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I am taking One-a-Day for Men, plus a separate supplement for Iron. My Chron's was diagnosed partly because of anemia and Iron deficiency, so my doctor thought that a little extra Iron would not do me any harm.

Since taking it, I woke up. For over a month prior, I would be very tired around 5pm, with no energy for anything at all. Now, I feel like myself again. I guess, if you don't have enough Iron in your blood, it can be a VERY good thing.

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