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stomach bacteria humira

been on humira 7 mo during an edoscope prior to an upcomeing ileum resection doc. seen stomach is inflamed with some kind of bacteria ive been feeling something there kind of uncomfertable anyone had stomach infection biopsy not back yet thanks loby
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Ouch! I hope they figure out what it is!
*Sick since 1987; managed on my own;
*diagnosed 2008 when I underwent emergency surgery;
*various meds and tests 2008-2012,
*Jan 2012-present, Humira. No symptoms, but scopes indicated disease.
*6MP for all of 2013.
*2014 &2015 complete mucosal healing.

**Staying on Humira for maintenance**

The statistics I see so far for my situation seem pretty good. There ARE long term statistics for the Anti-TNF drug treatments now. I'm here to make them longER.
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It's probably helicobacter pylori- very common gastric infection which causes inflammation. Usually very easily eradicated with a weeks course of three different meds.
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Duodenal perforation/peritonitis nov 2011. Portacath placed Nov 2013. Gastric pacemaker 2015.
Perforated jejenum/peritonitis oct 2015, PEJ for enteral feeding nov 2015

On Humira every 7 days, intermittent iv iron, regular blood transfusions :faint:
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