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Major flare up after 16 months on Remicade/Imuran

As my title says, my adult son was doing fairly well on the combination. They started giving him his infusions every 7 weeks due to not making it past about 5 weeks before symptoms crept back. Now after only 3 weeks since his last infusion he is quite sick again. Bleeding and mucus and using the bathroom 10-12 times a day. Work is a nightmare and he is quite upset with this relapse. He is scheduled to prep tomorrow and have a colonoscopy on Saturday. What do we do now? Does this mean Remicade isn't working for him and we move on to something else? I am so worried what the colonoscopy will show. I know it can't be good.
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sounds like it isnt working unfortunately. Have you looked at foods and drinks that may be causing the problem?

Im on remicade and responding well to it, but there are still certain foods that if I eat will cause my no end of problems (bloating, bleeding, D etc). These include wholemeal, caffine, fizzy drinks, corn. My latest one is worcestershire sauce. This caused bloating and bleeding, plus more bowel movement for the next 5 days after eating it. Also having big meals causes me problems

Might not be his problem but its worth a shot to keep a food idary or something
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Rygon says it well.

Even though we are on Remi it does not always mean we are free of the plague. We still have to be careful. I love mushrooms but they just pass right through me and it hurts.

Hope you get better soon.
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