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gross question - does fistula drainage have a distinct smell? my fistula comes out right next to my vagina. i don't think the smell is coming from the vagina, though. i get smelly down there, and not when i've pooped recently. this isn't stool smelling. i can't describe it. it doesn't smell bad, it just smells.... idk... musky? it doesn't smell like fish and i don't have any signs/symptoms of bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. it really seems to emanate from the fistula hole.
i drink a lot of chamomile tea. can that make you smell? the smell also seems to get strong and then not so strong. i just can't figure out if it's soemthing i'm eating/drinking that's causing it, or if it's just fistula drainage or healing juices. it seems worse when i sweat down there. is it just from everything being moist and not getting enough air?
sorry for all the graphicness.
i hate fistulas.
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I hate them too.
Mine is perhaps 1/4 inch from my anus. Often times the stuff that comes out smells kinda sweet - esp when it is greenish. I don't know if the different smells mean anything.

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Yea they do have a distinct smell I would call it a sweet musky smell, your right fistulas are the pits hope u feel better soon.
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sweet musky. that's exactly it. thanks.
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I don't like the smell either, mine is rectal. :/

I have just had a seton placed last week and the pus keeps changing colors.. It looks.. Cleaner..? It's odd. I see blood again today though. Kinda worried.. I don't notice the smell often in mine. I have terrible allergies year round though. Maybe it's natural
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Personally I wouldn't worry too much about the blood Gabbismommy. When I had mine opened there was also quite a bit of blood draining out at first, but it eventually stopped. I still get blood here and there depending on how long I've been sitting. It does tend to stink pretty bad too, I don't think there's anything pleasant about the smell either, but from what the doctor told me, it's a good thing because that means the infection is coming out.

For those of you who haven't you should check out my discussion called "lots of blood/puss" It's a little bit of my story from when I dealt with a HUGE abscess back in November/December

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