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For the Ladies (Menstrual)

Before i had my colon removed my periods were getting heavier, but weren't that bad. I'm 34 years old by the way. Anyhow, after my colon was removed a year ago, my periods are very heavy for three days and I have bad cramps. I can't even make it through the night without bleeding through my underwear. It seems like I need to change my tampon every hour or two throughout the day. I never used to have periods this heavy. Has anyone else noticed a change in thier periods since surgery or is it that I'm just getting older?

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Hmmm I don't have the before and after comparison since I never had my period before my colon was removed but I always have heavy periods... I don't know if there is a link with the surgery to be made though. Good question.
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Mine became more irregular and heavier after surgery. I had thought since its been over a year now, they would've gotten normal, but not for me. Bear in mind only part of my colon was removed. However I had a really large fistula through my left fallopian tube, so I always put it down to that. (and my age, pushing 50) But now I wonder..............

I have to wear pads now, no choice in the matter at night. I would be asking for an ultrasound from a gyno to see whats going on with you Kris.
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Mine are really heavy now too, but don't seem to last as long (I guess I've traded one thing for another). I too have to change tampons every hour or two for about 2-3 days, but then it tapers for the next day and I'm done. Prior to my surgery I'd have my period for a week or so, but not as heavy (except on the first day). I just wear a tampon and a pad and get on with it. Fortunately I don't have the cramps to go with it, but I do get diarrhea sometimes - and having a colostomy I don't get that often so it upsets

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I've not noticed a change with mine, but I'm on the contraceptive pil so my periods aren't "real" periods anyway.

Like Misty said, I would go and get it checked out.

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Thank you ladies. I'm going to call for an appointment soon. So sick of it. For the entire week before my period I am exhausted and feel and look like hell. It never used to be this hard on me. I wish they would have yanked my uterus when they took my colon.

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