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For a laugh...

I was watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory the other day and Leonard (one of the main characters) was dating a surgeon. The surgeon says, "It was a rough day today, I removed a foot of bowel, gallbladder, and appendix" Leonard replied, "I hope that was three different guys!" And the surgeon said, "Nope. One guy. He didn't make it".

Ha! Well I'm missing all those pieces of my body and I'm doing pretty damn well considering this mean disease! I love catching little Crohn's related faux-paus like this! Hope you enjoy it as I do!

P.S. I just saw an episode of Grey's Anatomy the other day where they followed one man throughout the episode who had a bowel resection and was waiting for the dreaded bowel wake-up!


dx: May 2006 Crohn's mild trace of disease in the colon, severe disease of the terminal ileum

tx: failed Entocort and Pentasa; current 6 MP and ileocolectomy 12/11
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On a similar note... I've been watching a marathon of the show Fringe (sci fi CSI type show) while in recovery from surgery. There was an episode where one of the key clues in determining what the 'victims' had in common was that one of them had Crohn's disease and was taking iron supplements due to anemia! I guess crohn's has officially hit primetime!
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Woot Woot!......I Fringe
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