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Is it working?!

I'm 17 and about a month ago got diagnosed with Crohn's following an MRI and numerous blood work. I got put on prednisone 40mg daily-reducing by 5mg/week (alongside iron and calcium supplements, and clexane to lower my platelet count) but I'm not sure if it's working? I'm starting week 4 (25mg daily) of my prednisone today.
I'm really new to this and had never even heard of Crohn's before! Every week I'll get a couple 'good' days where I can actually leave the house and walk without being doubled over in pain, but these days seem to be random and the rest of the time I can't even stand up straight.

If the prednisone isn't working (which I'm scared to talk to my GI) what would they do next? I'm so scared of having surgery at such a young age!

Any advice would be great! Thanks
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I think you need to speak to your GI. It does not sound like it is working very well for you.
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I have an appointment scheduled in a week, I will discuss it then thank you!
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Hi splodge! First of all welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with this lovely condition.

Keep in mind prednisone is intended to treat acute inflammation and allow your maintenance drugs a chance to "kick in" and do their job keeping the inflammation at bay. Prednisone is usually quite effective (especially your first time taking it). So if it doesn't seem to be doing its job, that could mean you have something other than inflammation going on (such as scar tissue or an infection). It's definitely worth mentioning to your GI, but I would guess you are probably okay for the time being.

Did they say anything about your condition when you were diagnosed? What type of imaging or tests did they use and what led to you being diagnosed?

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