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Sore Back

hello, as some would know i recently had a resection and was released from hospital a few days ago with a temp stoma, just was wondering if it is normal after surgery etc to start of with a sore lower back? i have also lost 16kgs as well in this time too.
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How long has it been since your op, Luke? Sometimes during the op they can lay you in a funny position which can cause muscle pain.

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I had intense back pain for the first 2 weeks after total colectomy and then it lessened and was gone after 3 weeks. I don't know the exact cause, but I do know the surgeon had to really dig around to separate all of my adhesions just to get to the colon itself.
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My op was just over a week ago, as far as I know they surgeon had to dig
around to remove the abseth and to check the rest of my intestine for any other damage or signs or crohns, unfortunately they found 6 small signs of it . But at least they got the main part out that was causing my sever pain.

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