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Post fistula surgery: random questions and pregnanc

Hey all, i have posted a couple of times before...I'm just trying to learn more about my fistula surgery. Thanks for your understanding as this surgery is definitely an experience that I did not expect. I'm one month in.

I was reading about fistulas and I saw that someone posted about a fistula tightening?? Does anyone know more about this. I'm getting ready to go in for my one month follow up and I would feel better if I knew what to expect...tightening sounds painful! Either way, not looking forward to it!

Also, I have noticed my seton a little more lately, but I am wondering if that's from sitting to much and not taking enought baths....when I first came home, I took two to three baths a day and was more mindful about sitting for long periods of time. still draining, seems to be more than when I first came home...and I can feel it when walking or when I carry my son, 20lbs.

Anyone use ointment? Like neosporin or calmoseptine? Or nupercainal ointment?

Okay, one last thing...

Anyone have experience with pregnancy and setons? I wondering how to take hot baths while pregnant especially when they tell you not to.

That's all for now!

Any suggestions? Thoughts or experiences?
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I believe the "tightening" refers to cutting seton. Most of us have draining setons. I think normally they do not use a cutting seton on someone with cd. A draining seton allows the fistula to heal into a tube if you will. The cutting seton allows the doctor to slowly cut the fistula over until it merges with the rectum - I think they are supposed to heal closed behind the seton as it moves eventually eliminating the fistula.

Sorry I have no advice on pregnancy with a seton. I did not have one when my kids were born.

As for feeling it more, well some days are like that. Always pay attention to pain and fevers, but at least for me some days the seton is more annoying than others.

During your appointment he will likely pull on the seton - kind of rotating it. This is not going to feel good but is not the worst thing ever either.

At my surgeons visit I have become a teaching tool. He always has someone with him that gets to give me a second exam when he is done just so they get some experience with it. So you may have that to look forward to in the future.

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