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I'm new here so I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Anyway I started Humira about a year ago just before I started college. It works very well for my Crohns symptoms but I think it is causing other problems. Ive always been an over achiever, I got a* in all my gcses, I got an IQ of 155 for mensa, etc. But since I started Humira Ive got almost no memory and my grades are now D/E which is not good because I want to be a doctor. Ive told my doctor but he just says stick with it because my crohns is fine. Has anybody else had a problem like this?
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Gosh, I haven't noticed this issue. I'm sure it is frustrating for you. Is it possible that you have some other deficiency that is causing the memory loss? The B-group vitamins are particularly important. Perhaps a full blood work up might show something.

Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your pursuits.

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