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How the frick do I get an appointment?!!

So, I'm taking azathioprine, but I'm starting to convert it to the liver-damaging compound rather than actual medication, so my current GI doc (Dr. P) recommended that I start taking allapurinol with aza to avoid Remicade for as long as possible. The problem is, Dr. P doesn't prescibe that, so I have to find a new doctor. *le sigh*

I heard a bunch of really good reviews about one doctor (Dr. H) in Chicago, and I called and tried to set up an appointment. They kept setting up appointments for me with another doctor that I never asked about, who doesn't even specialize in Crohn's. I *may* have chewed out the woman who answered the phone about that after the third appointment set-up... hypothetically, or course

I *finally* got ahold of the right reception desk for Dr. H, and left a message. I went back to class for a few days, and they called when I was in lab, wrist deep in machinery. I called back only 15 fricking minutes later, and they had left the office for the day. Mildly frustrated, I left another message, asking about a specific date for an appointment.

They still haven't called back after a week!!! WTF?! I've been trying to be seen by them for at least a month now, sending medical records and picking up MRI cds. Do I have to go in and lay naked on the reception table to be noticed by these people? I can't call during business hours every day, my classes get in the way of that and I can't be at their beck-and-call all day. Should I drop any notion of EVER being seen by Dr. H? While I like Dr. P, I can only stay with him if I switch to infusion treatments.

(Also, what is the swearing policy on the boards? How acceptable are frick and WTF?)
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All of those words are acceptable. People are allowed to curse as long as its kept at a minimum unless you're simply about to explode, feel free to do so (I've seen and have said worse). We're here for support, not judgement just keep in mind that there are children on the forum.

Honestly I don't think Dr. H is all that great if they can't set up an appointment within a month and only tried calling you once. Better try someone else. There are a lot of GI docs out there and one may not exactly specialize in Crohn's only, they are better than nothing and may be able to prescribe the medication you need for now until you do find a GI that works for you. Shop around.
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If it's that hard to get an appointment, imagine how difficult it would be to get test results, follow ups, etc. I'd go elsewhere.
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I agree, if its that hard to get an appointment, I would be looking elsewhere.
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