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Harry Potter and my abdomen!

Had a first long look at my 2 1/2 scar today (the others are very small indeed) as a result of my ileocolic resection surgery.

I am a bit perplexed as to why it resembles the scar on Harry Potter's forehead. It looks as if there was an initial incision made, which had to be extended by a second (or third) that almost, but not quite, lined up with the first!

Not quite sure if I am amused or not!



Crohn's - predominantly in the terminal ileum - diagnosed Oct 2010
Ileocolic resection - February 2012
Current Meds - Pentasa granules, 2 g sachet daily.
3 monthly B12 injection. Iron and Vitamin D supplements daily.
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maybe your surgeon is a harry potter fan with a twisted sense of humor. More likely, Its certainly possible he had to increase the lenght of the incision - my surgeon had to do so, he told me there was too much swelling so he had to make a larger incision. Be thankful you weren't fully opened up I suppose! I was told by someone that to take care of the scar, make sure you cover it with hardcore sunblock when out in the sun for a while otherwise it will be more apparent forever. Not sure if that is true. something tells me you are a ways off before sunbathing. But think of all the harry potter movies you could enjoy.
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Well, I guess if you have to have the scar at least it is something interesting

My scar was about the same size, but just a straight line. I had to have a temporary ileostomy, which I will have reversed in a few days (yay!), so my scar will be reopened in the same place, but they've told me it will probably be a bit bigger. I'm hoping they don't have to go for the full open surgery.

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