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New to Remi..

I've just been to see my GI. He has now 'officially' decided I have Crohns from my colonoscopy in Jan and the abscess/fistula that I am battling now. He has taken me off of my Prednisone and says keep taking Asacol until we set up for Remicaid. I'm kind of nervous about the Remi and very nervous about just stopping my Pred like that. I was initially supposed to be on it for 3 more weeks. He says he thinks we caught the Crohns early and hopefully can avoid major surgeries!! He also says he thinks the Remi will do great things for me. He gave me 2 other options Humira and some
Other injection.. I think it started with a C. I said just go ahead and do Remi. What do you guys think?

Thanks for listening as always guys. You're the best. Much love to you all and I hope you're doing well.
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Cimzia is the other one. I do prefer the thought of not having to jab myself weekly at home. Remicade does do great things for us.... As long as you don't react negatively to it, it could be your miracle drug. My fingers are crossed for you.

Do you have insurance? It's quite pricey. All of the biologics are pricey, but they each have financial programs, whether you're insured or not.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I was on Cimzia for a year before switching to Remicade. I wish I hadn't wasted that year. Remicade is working much better for me. Good luck!
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I am on my parents' insurance right now. They were able to add me back to it last year. I feel bad already for how much I have cost them. My Dad keeps saying to do what is best though. So I figured try Remi out. I hope it goes well..
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And yes, giving myself the shot is another reason!! I don't like shots and I would have a hard time doing it to myself..
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Remicade has been a truly remarkable drug for me. I started on in October '11. Previous to that I had been on Humira, and before moving over to the anti TNF drugs, I went though all the other ones, it seems. Pentasa, asacol, prendisone, flagyl. I feel like I've tried it all sometimes. I have a fistula which has given me no trouble since starting. It's great that you are getting on with treatment - I feel if the Rem had been around much sooner, it would have benefited my life in a great way and stopped a lot of the damage I have.

Remicade is also very tried and true which gave me a lot of reassurance in starting it. There are years of research and lots of information for doctors to reference for things like dosing, other medications which can also help. Humira is a great drug for many people as well, but in my time on it, not as much information existed as there is information available on Remicade.

You'll have to check in your state, but I know when I was in need, I was able to get Remicade paid for medicade in my state. It's worth looking into. Most of what they asked for from me was birth certificate, social security card, recent bank statement and proof of income, or a letter stating unemployment. Nothing too intense.

Best of luck with your new treatment. I hope it works miracles for you!
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Had he told you to stop the Pred without tapering? What dose are you on at the moment?
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I love remicade, Would not want to be without it.

No real side effect either. it's way out there.

Good luck
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I'm very excited to try it! I am so hopeful! Maybe soon I can have my life back.
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I've been told today that I will probably be starting this drug. I'm excited too but I'm not going to have it for a few months until I finish my degree.
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