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Frustrations have turned to joy!

Now that Berry is a getting close to 6 weeks old and I'm recovering from my surgery, I'm enjoying life again! I've also grown quite fond of Barry.
I fought so hard to keep my colon. I have always held a distrust for the western medical system. So much so that I'm studying to become an acupuncturist, and maybe one day, I'll incorporate homeopathy to my practice.
Now that all is said and done I can look back on the last two years and realize that it was all for the best. One of my teachers told us that one of his professors in China said that even the best acupuncturists can only successfully treat 70% of their cases. I tried everything I could not to have my large intestine taken out from Remicade and Humira to Homeopathy, Diet and Acupuncture.
I'm lucky to be alive and I think these trials will make me a better acupuncturist. More willing to send clients to their Western MDs, but also more understanding of the fears that go along with a major surgery.
I know I'll have my ups and my downs, but right now all I see is up !
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Congratulations, happypanda

I feel the exact same way as you do! I tried everything available from Western medications (including signing up for drug trials) to 'alternative' treatments and nothing worked. My stoma has been a gift.

I'm so happy to hear that Berry/Barry is bringing such wonder to your life.

Take good care,

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Yup! There just comes a point doesnt there? I am very happy you are recovering nicely from your surgery as well. By the 3 month mark, you'll be ready to take on the world!
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