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Morning Cough

Hey Guys,

I've had this hacking cough every morning for must be near on a month now. I occasionally cough through the day, but it's in the morning that's the worst. I can feel phlegm rattling in my lungs and I do eventually manage to cough up some of it which is white so not infected. After aboot half an hour the coughing settles down, but my breathing can sometimes be a bit shallow for the next couple of hours. One morning last week I couldn't breath properly because of it for a few minutes.

It's not concerning me loads cos it only happens in the mornings, but as I have an appt with my GI in 10 days I was wondering whether I should mention it to him. Can Infliximab cause morning coughs as a side effect?

Soybean xx
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I'm not sure about the Remicade as a source or not. I had the same type of cough last month, I was never actually "sick" but the damp weather and pollen here have made allergies act up pretty badly. My sinuses were draining at night, so I was waking up in the morning hacking like a pack a day smoker!

I would definitely mention it to the GI though, just in case it could be a side effect or some kind of respiratory infection.

Good luck, luck us know how it turns out!
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Haha! Hacking like a pack a day smoker is a good way to describe it! I'll mention it to my GI if it's still happening when I go for my appt. Thanks Sarah xx
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I had a really bad cold this winter and my cough has never left. I would decribe my cough just like you did Soybean. It sure makes me wonder if it's the remicade !

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You should get a chest xray if your symptoms persist for longer than 2 weeks. I had similar symptoms last winter and it turned out to be pnemonia caused by a bacteria that usually only affects small children and old people. A week of IV antibiotics finally cleared it up. (I am on Remicade and Imuran)

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