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Humira cost

I had a colonoscopy yesterday. 6 years ago I was considered a mild case, but doc said I am moderate to severe. He told my sister I am too young for surgery and he wants to treat it aggressively. He said he will put me on Humira.
I am guessing I will find out the dosage this week. I have insurance, but I am afraid of the cost. I only make $25K a year. ( I know it's better than nothing, but it's still hard to make it.) my husband makes more, but we are still struggling. I was trying to figure out how we would afford the Asacol at $90 month, but he has taken me off that.
So I was wondering what you all pay for it, and if you get any RX assistance. I am still paying medical bills and credit cards from years ago. Don't know how we am afford more bills on top of what we have.
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I am lucky enough to be in the uk where you don't pay if the authorities approve your treatment, so may not be much help.
I believe that Abbott who make Humira have an assistance programme. It would be worth checking out their website to find the application form.
In the uk each jab is about 730, so it isn't cheap.

Here is the website address- hope it works!
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Go to the humaria website and get there drug card and it pays up to 500 each time. I pay 5 each time only
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Yes, you should qualify for the $5 coupon - that means you only pay $5. Good luck, I hope it works for you!
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Thanks everyone. I am going to call our RX company Monday and see what they say, and then I'll go from there.
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I had insurance at the time I was on humira, and I was lucky that since it was considered a medication, I only paid 15$ for a 6 week supply. It is staggering to think that they can get away charging over 800$ a shot!
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Hey Amber, what everyone says about the Humira assistance program is right! I only pay $5 a month, Abbott is great about making sure you are able to be comfortable using Humira in every way, not just with the cost. It's funny how I pay less for my $2,000 drug than I do for my generic acid reflux pills!
I hope Humira works out well for you
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