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my son diagnosed with crohn's on sept 2014 he is taking pentasa and ento cort 9 mg till now and we introduce imuran 50 mg since 35 days now and his test of calprotectin is over 1000 so the doctor decided to start with him eternal diet and we started modulen IBD formula since 4 days and stop all the foods. today my son inform me that he had soft faeces fro the first time . anyone have any idea am afraid that he will have diarrhoea again
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hello everyone. i am actually experiencing a flare up right now. i feel like i can have an obstruction at any moment if i continue eating food. liquid diets help SO SO much. if you are experiencing a flare-you must do a clear liquid diet for a couple of days at least. also try a gentle laxative like Miralax if you are constipated & are experiencing symptoms of an obstruction. then if i could recommend anything to everyone would be-AVOID over the counter drinks such as Ensure, Boost, Slim Fast, ect..because if you to read the label, they are LOADED with chemicals and ingredients we don't eve know how to pronounce. if you CANNOT pronounce it-it means your body cannot digest it. keep it in mind. what do i do then? i buy fresh produce. i blend, puree and juice at home. all natural. i try to buy organic but its too expensive. i also DO NOT consume dairy. we should all get tested for lactose intolerance because crohn;s patience are more susceptible to being intolerant. i truly believe-especially now that i am going through this flare-meat should be removed from the diet as well-or at least the portions should be smaller. go veg. there is a substitute for everything now-a-days. we can replace meat, dairy and sweets with so many various options. the challenge is: can we as auto immune disease fighters stay consistent to remain in remission. every time i have a flareup-it motivates me to correct my mistakes and find new ways to keep myself healthy. good luck. if most of your meals have to be liquid due to scar tissue from surgeries, your GI track is not absorbing nutrients or your intestines are narrowing..so be it. life is too short to be stuck in bed. life is meant to be lived to the fullest. & if we have our health-that's all we need to make EVERYTHING beautiful.
Thanks This heps alot. Im currently going through a flareup myself, I put myself in remession for ten years before this flareup happened. Ive been on a liqued diet now for about 5 days. I do agree that if you cant prounounce it, your body cant digest it. How have sugars effected your chrona? I need something to chew/ but not swallow, like gum, jolly ranchers..ect. Have you tried any of these before??

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