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Life goes on!

Hey all my fellow ostomates! I havent been on the forum in awhile because...wait for it.... I've been out having fun and dating! I was so worried about dating with my stoma and all. I told this guy I've been talking to honestly because I just felt like its a part of me and I didnt want to get feelings for someone and then have them freak on me. His response? "Thats weird but cool, glad you're healthy" I had nothing at all to worry about. Seriously life with this bag is amazing! I have gone out with friends, gone on dates, and just been able to live a life that is more than I have done in years with my Crohn's! I just wanted to say I havent forgotten about you all and thank you for all of the amazing advice on my days feeling down. I love everyone on here!
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Awesome! I'm so glad things are going well and you can enjoy your life
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That's great! Glad you're out there enjoying life

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Oscar is awesome! Loving my life with my stoma (with a hint of poo)!!

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Awesome darlin!!! Send men here please...thanking you.

I'm very glad you are healthy and well!!!!
DX Crohns Feb 2011, symtoms 1997, 2009 and then WHAM! Emergency surgery for perforated sigmoid, fistula through fallopian tube, septic and near dead: Colostomy-Stan was born 22/12/10. Another parastomal hernia, his name is Ollie and he is MONSTER size!
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Whoop whoop! Love some good news! Hope it continues to go well!

'You can't change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.'

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Brilliant you are an inspiration to me as I've just had the bag for a few weeks and am still very down with it. Glad your doing so good.
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