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Venting about pain!

Angry sad and in pain so much pain

So a week ago caught a cold but my body fought it mostly off. Started to get a sore throat. but it went away quick unlike everyone else at work. However the gi track lost some progress....

Went to vist my parents last Sunday, sprained (maybe broke) ankle. Its in a soft cast now. Caught my parents cold. It too felt ill for a day but got better fast. But gi track took another hit.

Tuesday went to not normal gp since regular one was out of office re ankle. Told them I was on lialda and they kept telling me to take ibuprofen or naproxen for the swelling. Never mind I can't due to lialda (I repeatedly mentioned it, but it never sunk in, very irritating)

Late Tuesday night server maintenance went bad lots of stress. Gi track gave up.

Now flaring... Not as bad as last one hopefully due to the magic lialda. Sitting here with my foot screeming at me punctuated by my guts screeming too. This is no fun no one to talk to but this good nice forum.

It's weird too I feel pain in my guts the whole cavity now... I use to not be able to differentiate between diaphragm/chest muscle pains and aches from guts. But something has changed and sure can now. Stupid organs stupid pain.

I want to scream out but can't especially at work.
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Sorry to hear it Lowone. Do you have any real pain meds? Now's the time.
It's not enough that you have one problem, you have to get several together! Sounds like too many issues at once....and that becomes confusing as well.

Hope you start feeling better soon, and that things get back on track for you. Good luck.
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lowone, I am sorry to hear that you are in such pain. Boy, doctors sure can act stupid!! Your regular gp really should note in your file NO NSAIDS! I thought all doctors knew that! I guess this is not common doctor knowledge.
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