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Crohn's in LA

Hello all.

I have been on HUMIRA for approx. 3 weeks.

I have been getting sort dizzy or dizzy spells. I had gotten dizzy once or twice before I started but now it's more often.

I am wondering if anyone else has had similiar experiences.

I am also wondering if it could be my diet. I have been a clear liquid diet YOYO. When I just cannot eat, I go liquids for a day or two, then full liquids, then soft stuff like yogurt etc etc.

Any thoughts on the dizzy?
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Crohn's in LA
Thanks for the response PEN.

Actually I am on Purinethol (6MP) and HUMIRA. I will be on 6MP another 2.5 months or so.

I'm kind of thinking it's my diet.

A Humira rep mentioned my blood sugar level may be out of whack due to the just fluids. I'll drink a coke or eat a donut and feel better. Must be.
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My Butt Hurts
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I have been on Humira for 17 weeks. I have not been dizzy at all because of it, and I can't remember if dizziness was listed as a possible side effect. Are you underweight right now? I got dizzy when I was down 40 pounds due to a flare, and I looked very sick. If you aren't getting enough calories with the liquid, I would think that would cause dizziness too.
Good luck - feel better.
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I've been on it for 2 days now and I haven't noticed any side effects. Good luck
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Crohn's in LA
Thanks again.

I'm pretty convinced it's my diet.

I have my first shot of HUMIRA outside of the starter pack on this thursday, I'll see how I feel the day after.

Have any of you on HUMIRA ever felt like you get a little sick the closer you get to the next injecton?
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Crohn's in LA
PEN - I hear ya! I love my summers as well. The one season I really look forward to, and having my health is importatnt; especially during that time.

That's the funny thing about HUMIRA I assume. Some have been doing quite excellent, others like you and I, not so.

I flared extremely bad last weekend. I vomited quite a bit, lots of bile. Lots of pain. Slowly I built my way back to eat/drink "Campbell's on the go" soup. Very tiny pieces of noodle and chicken inside for drinking. I found that to work out well. 5 days later I had my HUMIRA shot. 2 days later I am out eating seafood with the family and having a few mixed nuts. Go figure!

I am gonna take it easy. I figure the more time I give my intestines a break while on the meds, the quicker and better they will be. Juast all very interesting with this HUMIRA thing.

Do you find that you flare as time gets closer to your next injection? Then you get relief a couple of days after injection?
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Crohn's in LA
I'm feeling good today. I have been since last saturday.

I wonder if I can go for a weekly dose? I'll have to ask my GI.

I hope something starts working for you outside of surgery.

HUMIRA says wait 3 months to see. How long have you been on it again?
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Crohn's in LA

How long have yu been on the pred?

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