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Illness Du Jour

So, as if Crohn's wasn't fun enough and all of the crap I've been dealing with that lately, I have a brand new illness that I've had the privilege of getting to enjoy.

Last Friday night I noticed a pain (kinda felt like a bruise) on my stomach near my belly button. I thought it was so strange and was worried that it was some new Crohn's symptom location. Then I got a small sore near that place. When I woke up on Sunday morning I had a huge patch (well silver dollar size) of rash on my back. And on top of that it felt like I got kicked in my ribs (but again no bruise) That was it...time to go into Urgent Care - Which I did Monday night. The doctor took one look at me and knew instantly.

Any Guesses???

I have Shingles!!!

Crazy! Thankfully the doctor started me on meds pretty quickly and although I had a miserable week, it seems that it has shorted the length of it! Thankfully! NO FUN!


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I hope the meds kick in ASAP hun, not a nice thing to have at all...

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No, not at all! But the meds must have made quite a difference. I'm on the mend.
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ugg. I had shingles in December. were you able to get the vaccine? My doctors are unclear because i'm on humira.
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Nooooo! Poor poor you! Take good care and feel better soon.
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