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Fed up!

It's so depressing at times dealing with all that comes with this nasty disease! I'm sick, but having to work because where I live I worked for the city and didnt put enough into social security yet to be eligible for cash benefits...so they say work two more years! Ya, you work two more years never knowing if you will double over in pain, or have to run to a bathroom, or be so damn exhausted and sore from joint pain that you can hardly walk up and down stairs!! Just never knowing how you will wake up in the morning....I worked hard to get my college degree at an older age after raising kids and now I can't even use it!
I have had Crohns for over 15 years and am so thankful to have this forum to vent with. People who really get where Im coming from.....Im just tired and would like not to have to fill out papers, explain the disease to and how it affects my life, blah, blah, friggen blah.....Im not really an angry person just fed up right now. I don't want my kids taking care of me.....I want to be self sufficiant....will I be??? Starting humira soon and hopefully I won't get the side effects they list...
Thanks for listening....
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I so understand where you're coming from. I had to drop out of college when I was first diagnosed. Got a little better, went back to school and had to drop out a second time to have surgery. Attempted to go back last year (married and two kids later!). Made all A's the first semester, had to drop out to have surgery the next semester. This disease is so very frustrating, it's hard to make long term plans. I may feel okay today but that's no indication of what next week will be like!

It's awesome that you went back to school and got your degree. Even if you can't use it at the moment, it is something to be proud of.

Good luck, take it one day at a time. Hope the Humira helps!
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Maybe our lesson is to live one day at a time and sometimes it's one minute at a time.....It is a very unpredictable disease so you have to be able to go with the flow....
Can I ask what you do for work?
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my one day at a time efforts leave me incredibly depressed. you both have explained exactly how i myself am. i would so seriously love to 'get a life'. did degree part time and online with a reputable uni, but no, i just can't work. life is no fun whatsoever.
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Really sorry to hear how you're feeling. Do you have any support groups near your location? I know that a lot of hospitals, especially here in England, have Crohns/Stoma support groups. The hospital where I work has one. I have never personally been to a meeting, but I'm sure meeting up with others who are experiencing the same thing can be beneficial. Might be worth looking into. Hope you feel better soon : )

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