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Miss Gypsy
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Regular poo AND the big D on Humira?

Hey all!

Alert: poo discussion! So I've been on Humira for almost 3 months now. Overall it seems to be doing its job pretty nicely. I feel best the first few days after an injection: 1-2 BM per day, all normal. But the rest of the time between doses I have a bizarre mix - I tend to have a nice regular BM, but then 20-30 min later I'm back in the bathroom with 1-3 rounds of the big D. Granted, this is an improvement over what my symptoms were before, but I have no idea why my body can have regular poo and D at the same time. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you get better over time, live with it, increase your dose? Just want some input. Thanks!
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Hello Miss Gypsy
You may find some information in the Humira section of the forum.
I have not had humira, but I am sure someone who has or is having treatment now with it, will be along soon to help with your question.
It may be a question to ask your GI.
Have you noticed any connection with your diet?
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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A few things to consider...

Humira can take a full 12 weeks to begin working and longer to be fully effective. I take bi-weekly shots as well but know many people on the forum take weekly shots. At times others have found greater success with adding additional meds to the Humira as prescribed by their GI.

I feel your frustration. I have been on Humira since mid November and reached remission only to come down with Strep that took 3 rounds of antibiotics that then turned into an upper respiratory infection. I had to go 6 weeks between Humira doses (can't take Humira with an active infection) and that allowed a bit of a flare.

Hang in there and call your GI!!!! This can be a frustrating time but there is help!
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Miss Underestimated
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Yes. Mixture here. I'm beginning my 3rd month on Humira. I take Welchol and still have one solid BM and then 1-2 liquid. I've been taking imodium after the 3rd BM or if I have to go out.
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The statistics I see so far for my situation seem pretty good. There ARE long term statistics for the Anti-TNF drug treatments now. I'm here to make them longER.

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