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Body by vi

Has anyone tried this product? A co-worker told me about it and they claim its gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, etc. I have to have gluten free and dairy free right now. Looking for suggestions for food...getting tired of potatoes, rice and chicken.....
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No. I've never tried it. However, I do like the meal replacement made by Vega. I believe its both gluten and dairy free. The only problem is they put maca root in it and I can't have that. But honestly its the best meal replacement I have ever tried. lol

Oh wait. You said food.
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I used body by vi for 10 months prior to my diagnosis. It was great as a meal replacement and i actually lost 50 lbs while on it. I have not used it since though, still trying to figure out what i can and cannot eat. I was just diagnosed in January.
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thank you for the info. I would like to try but has high fiber which I dont think will do well with my flare up right now. But maybe something I can use down the road. Thanks again!
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My 13 year old step son was diagnosed about a year ago and he is on some heavy duty pharmacology protocol which I am not 100% in favor of, but since we co parent with his we have to have her buy in as well.

Anyways, I purchased this shake for myself as a weightloss tool and didn't really care for it as I enjoyed eating. However, my step son has recently started drinking this in the morning with 1 scoop of GI Fortify by Pharmax ($33 on amazon) and he reports that it has significantly reduced his bloating, gas pains and subsequent emergency bathroom trips. We also have him on a daily supplement regimen of b12 sub lingual, Vitamin C 2,000 mg (at least), pro biotics, fish oil and a multi vitamin with iron. This has proved to be working really well. Since he lives half of the time with his mother we have found that he has more symptomology when he is with her and is not regularly taking the Body by Vi and GI fortify. Needless to say we are purchasing this for him so that he can have the same relief effects 100% of the time no matter whose house he is at.

We mix the body by vi with the GI fortify along with a scoop of organic peanut butter for flavor and added protein. We add almond milk, or rice milk to it for added liquid and flavor and sometimes will add a bananna. He drinks this a an addition to his diet, so for example he drinks it in the am and still eats breakfast.

I hope this helps you out! Check out the GI Fortify by pharmax if nothing else, it has some amazing qualities to heal the gut.

If you are concerned about the fiber, our son has an issue with fiber, however this has not seemed to cause any issues whatsoever and the GI Fortify actually has psyllium fiber in it.
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As a weight loss mechanism, I would never recommend somebody use Body by Vi or anything like it, it causes people to become dependant on the program and they don't learn how to eat real food. However, crohn's as we all know changes everything and sometimes getting enough calories in one day is a challenge in itself; Ensure can be difficult to stomach for some people, I know for me it makes me extremely nauseated, so if body by vi is something you can tolerate when eating is difficult, go for it.

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