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I am just overwhelmed by everything recently. Last week, I was in the ER for dehydration (on top of this neverending Crohn's flare, I had a sinus infection, bronchitis and a stomach bug). My son was just diagnosed with ADHD, and we're starting meds for him this weekend. My husband is pissing me off because he is constantly picking fights with me about why I have no energy and why I am letting the house get so messy. I just can't take any more. However, Passover is in a month, and I have to scrub out the kitchen and switch it over. If I make it through Passover, I'll be shocked.
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Hi Linda. I'm sorry you're having such a rough go of things. I wish I could help more than a forum hug and to point out from your post about Passover coming. Passover commemorates deliverance. He's the same delivering God today as He was then. I hope that helps you, Linda.
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Sorry Linda, sounds like a rough couple of weeks.... things will get better. They have too.
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Sawdust said it best! Deliverance.
Hang in there, you are NOT alone. When I'm feeling really low/crappy I try to do something creative, sew or paint or anything that takes my focus away from the stress. Paper collages are kinda cool if you're not confident with paint etc. it can be cathartic and beautiful.
Hugs to you!! As far as the house getting messy- you will get to it when you get to it. If it bothers hubby so much....he can do it! Lol

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