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its awesome to see people here that are on youtube raising awareness.
Sunshine smile - I couldnt stop smiling at your video!!!

question - if they do a colonoscopy and gastroscopy and dont find crohns, how do they find it?
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my said to go check out the internet. cause you know there all that releable info on the internet
Jesus Christ, really? When I first diagnosed my GI said DO NOT go near the internet with regards to Crohn's, medication etc, I should talk to either my IBD nurse and/or GP.

He was telling me that one his newly diagnosed patient of his was "researching" Crohn's on the web and rang him in hysterics, crying, saying that she read that the majority of people with CD/UC don't "make it past the six month mark" ..... as in die....

28 y/o male from Dublin, Ireland, Dx with Crohn's Colitis in January 09.

Current Meds: Remicade, Imuran.

Risk/Benefits of treating Crohn's. Link below
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I think the only reliable internet source is here, right?

My doctor told me I was "born to be awkward". Turns out he was a rubbish doctor and didn't really know what he was doing. He's now retired and owns a Whisky distillery in Scotland.

Dx. Sept '01 - Undefined Colitis
Dx. Feb '09 - Crohn's Disease

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Balsalazide 4500mg
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