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Imuran Dose

Hi all!

Just wanted to see what dose of Imuran seemed the most therapeutic for you? I'm on 100mg, which worked wonders for a week, and now all my GI symptoms are returning (i.e. ride side pain, diarrhea 12-15x/day, blood in stool).

Thanks for any advice!
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It's a weight issues I believe when dosing Imuran, I'm on 100mg myself, I believe some people are on as high as 250mg.
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How long have you been on Imuran?

It will take at least 3 months to become fully therapeutic and for some as long as 6 months.

The desired dose is usually calculated at 2 - 2.5mg per kilo of body weight.

Dusty. xxx
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Per my Dr, the therapeutic dosage is generally 1mg per 1 lb of weight. So a 100 lb person would have a theoretical therapeutic dosage of 100mg. Some docs start you off on a lower dosage and work you up to your recommended level, others don't.
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I've been on it for about 6 weeks now. Just completed a Prometheus test to see if I can take more of the Imuran.
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I'm just about to start 50mg of imuran as a trial dose. Has anyone had any of the side effects?
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I was on 100 mgs for 2 weeks, but the GI upped it to 150, since he thought what he viewed during my scope warranted a higher dose to settle me down.
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