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peeved off the NHS

As a few of you probably recall, i came out of hosptal a weeks last monday, on that morning the consultant said " i am booking you in to see a specialist who has been working with Crohn`s since forever, i am putting down that this is a very urgent case - she will contact you within two weeks"

Well today i recieve a letter from the bookings department of the hospital where the specialist is :-

We have recieved a request for you to see a consultant in :


When your appointment is due, we will contact you with a suggested appointment date and time.

SO whats the point of this letter then !! still no bloody appoinment !!

cant wait to tell them what i think tomoz .

rant over ( till tomoz anyway)
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Sheesh! Whatever happened to in a timely manner? If they had to feel like you have, they would get the appt. faster, hmm?
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I would phone them up. I once had this problem and it's just that the message about it being urgent hadn't been passed on. I hope you get everything sorted soon x

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