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Too much weight gain!

Hey guys so I had my ileostomy surgery on Halloween and when I went in for the surgery I weighed 125 lbs. Now since the surgery I just went for Remicade treatments today and I weighed 163 I am not really thrilled with this much weight gain. Any suggestions on how to loose weight with the stoma? I know healthier items like a salad I was told I shouldnt eat so I'm kinda at a loss. Plus I know exercise is a very cautious activity because I don't want to end up with a hernia. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!
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I feel your pain. I think I've put on loads although no one says I look it. But I eat like a horse and want to cut down. I find that I can eat salads fine but it's not good for my output consistancy. One thing I would try for exercise is power walking. It's good for burning fat and it's good post op exercise. Exercise is still important to ostomates!! I am desperate to start running again but with my non healing bum problems it's a no go still

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I'll second Michelle on the walking. But are you still on pred? Even if you arent and are just coming off it, it will stay in your system for awhile.

I'm the one with the hernia, and you dont want that! So, walk, walk, walk and fingers crossed it works. And just perhaps cut back on your portions. I find I can eat veggies if they are cooked enough. Give it a try? (slooowly)
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I think it's pretty common for weight gain after ileo. I gained 20 pounds after mine! Being healthy and having food stay in instead of gushing through and coming out in diahrea - it's all a good thing, but it definitely leads to weight gain!

I don't think there's any magic trick to losing weight when you have an ileo, any more than losing weight without one - eat less/better and move more. Age-old formula! But it can be tough if you are using carbs/bread/potatoes/rice, etc as a thickener for your output.

Hopefully once you get further out from your surgery, you will be able to handle more veg and salads, etc.

Good luck! - Amy

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