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Crohns Veteran.

Hi there I am new to this forum. I have had Crohns for 38 years now. I have had the disease since I was a teenager and I have had three major resections over the years since I have had Crohns. With so many operations I am on the border line with short bowel syndrome. I have tried most of the drugs for my disease and right now Humira seems to be helping me. It is not fun having this disease because it not only causes physical problems but it can cause emotional issues. I have found that Crohns effects my work and my ability to get health insurance. Lucky I am on the new Federal High Risk Program. If you have Crohns or UC you should check out that program. It is different in each state. I look forward to be reading the forums on this website.
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Hi Bart and welcome! I'm really glad you joined. 38 years? That's incredible.

Since you've had so much of your intestines removed, are you on any special vitamin/mineral/nutrient supplementations? Do you have your various levels monitored since you no doubt have some absorption issues?

We're here for you anytime and I look forward to seeing you share some of your wisdom for the newbies as well.

Oh, one more thing. Have you seen that they have bowel transplants now?

All my best to you!
It's good to be back
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Hello and welcome to the forum Bart. I am so pleased you have joinecd us, with that about of experience with the disease I am sure there will be helpful info and advice you can impart on us here.

I will keep fingers crossed that the Humira continues to help and hope to see you around the forum

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Hiya Bart
and welcome

You really are a vet! We'll be picking your brains!
Glad you found us, enjoy the forum! Good luck with the Humira too
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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