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General Cimzia Venting

Hey y'all.... so I just finished my last loading dose (3rd set of injections before now getting them once a month)....

The more I read about side-effects and warnings about the medicine the more worried I get! My doctor currently lives in Michigan and I currently live in New York so it's sort of scary for me because I don't have a doctor here. I've been getting my labs and apparently they are fine... I just can never tell if my side effects are real or I'm making them up in my head.

For sure side effects-
Tiredness from injection
Easier Bruising

My father passed away from blood cancer and my doctor knows this.. I'm 24 so I guess i'm out of that teenager/child risk for cancer but it still scares the crap out of me!!!

Anyone else have trouble deciding what are real side effects and what they maybe are just making up?!

I also have felt that my iron has been lower lately (i.e. feet and hands fall asleep, tiredness), but I can't tell if its just my normal Crohns or if there's a problem with the Cimzia.

I'll make sure to write on here if I experience any other side effects from this round of injections.

I know this is sort of random but I just needed to vent!!!!

Hows everyone else doing on Cimzia??
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Hi there!

I only took Cimzia for two months, but it really didn't do much for me.

During the loading doses I did end up having some fatigue/weakness/nausea, I felt a bit like I had the flu, but it always cleared up in a day or two.

Also, when I start taking a medication, I try not to look at the side effects and just take things as they come (unless the side effects are severe, obviously).

I think that the risk of cancer is so low with these types of drugs, that they just have to put it in the possible side effects. I don't know that they can actually say that biologics cause cancer, or if it was random that these people who were taking biologics ended up with cancer, being completely unrelated.

I would just focus on feeling better and try not to focus on the what ifs!

However, I'm really sorry to hear about the passing of your father
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how are you feeling on it overall? Do you just have these side effects the day or two after taking the injections?
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I have been on Cimzia injections for almost 2 years now. When I started dosing I was fatigued which improved the next day. I am on a twice a month dose due to a recent flare. I take my doses on Friday so I have the weekend to rest just in case. I have not had any other side effects and I feel the best I have in years. I notice I have less frequent bowel movements and no longer have the urgency to go with no notice.
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I've been taking Cimzia for almost a year and a half now and I know exactly what you mean. My friend and I who are on a Cimzia study call the day of the injection and sometimes the day after the "Cimzia Sleepies" or "Cimzia Coma" if you prefer.

At first I thought it was just something random happening to me, but with this much time on it under my belt (and others having the same thing) I can tell you the fatigue is definitely related to the injection.

Personally, I find it worth it. I'd rather have a day - day and a half of tiredness than a month full of pain and excessive bathroom runs.

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