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My 5 cents for how to deal with crohn

I started SCD 2 years ago when I started having issues with stricture in small intestinal.

My crohn was diagnosed 13 years ago. First I had only diarrhea & bloating, nothing really serious and I though that Crohn is just with me but doesn't bother me badly. I was skinny as ski jumper and I could eat anything without getting any extra weight. Many colonoskopys went and doctors said just eat your meds(150mg Azathioprine) and have fun with your life.

Few years ago I started univercity in different city and got involved in partying & fast food regularly. Got some weight and I really enjoyed my life. Well obviously that was too much for my stomach and Crohn got more foothold.

Getting better
I went to hospital when I had been awake for 40 hours because abdominal pain but doctors didn't find anything and only gave me painkillers. All they could do was to relieve symptoms. I got really pissed off and when I was home, I went to internet to seek any information about how to deal with Crohn, not only symptoms. I encountered Finnish SCD-diet pages and tried it for 2 months, really precisely(lost 10kg same time when played soccer 5x week). After that my crohn has been under MY control.

Diet & stuff
After 2 months of SCD, I changed to paleodiet, which I have been running now 2 years. Only things Im adding to those diets are some dairy products, sour milk or raw milk from farmhouse(not quite sure if these are 100% good). I eat lot of meat, fish, fruits, vegs, eggs and my favourites, berries which I picked up last summer

My bloodvalue p-CRP and poopvalue F-calpro are now same as normal people, first time in 14 years. So I think there are no inflammation in my system. As by-product, my asthma and hay allergy are gone also. Im now 40% better soccer player than 2 years ago.

There is way to stop crohn, its only up to you
Thats my 5 cents.

forgot to mention that I have been completely without meds 1,5 years now. And I have been taken 5000 UI d-vitamins per day in winter time(important!).

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Hello and welcome! Thank you for your post, it is great to hear that you are doing well.

Hope to see more of you around the forum

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great news! when i'm done school i'm going to give the scd a real try. hope to see some good benefits! cheers.
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Sounds great. I'd love to start scd diet as well. In a few months I hope to have cut back on all sugar and carbs, then full on diet.
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Welcome jussip!

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am glad you have found success controlling your Crohn's Disease through diet primarily.

I am also taking 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 in the winter. Today was a real treat though as it was a record breaking day in terms of temperature and I got to spend some time outside getting some natural Vitamin D from the sun. I am looking forward to more sun ahead over the spring/summer as I am sure you are also.

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum!
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Go Paleo!!! I just started it. I am trying to avoid Remicade infusions.
Glad you are doing well!
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I'm off to check your website, Cheerio.
First diagnosed 12/4/10
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Previous Meds:

Methotrexate--had kidney/liver damage
Lialda--allergic to aspirin--but didn't know until my Crohn's got much worse.
Prednisone--only when I have to!

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