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Stomach noises after surgery

Hi there, on the 2nd of February I had a right hemicolectomy and spent a week in hospital. I have since been recovering at home and my bowel movements are 'normal' to me. However about a week ago I noticed I started getting stomach gurgling noises again and slight uncomfortable feelings - symptoms I had before the surgery due to the crohn's.

Could this just be the bowel getting used to the surgery or is this crohn's problems? My gastroentorologist says that all the diseased area was taken out. I'm confused and scared
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My stomach makes noises all the time. I think it's just crohns and poor digestion.
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My stomach plays me some form of symphony almost every day and I'm into week 4 post-surgery! So long as you're not in any major pain or discomfort, I shouldn't worry too much. It'll take a while for everything to settle back into some sensible form of rhythm. Of course, if you're still concerned or worried head straight back to your GP. With regards, Tony.


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