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gummy vitamin alternatives?

Isabelle is currently on Prevacid and another anti-nausea med daily plus Zofran as needed but still can;t stomach any of her supplements (she has to run to the bathroom when she first SEES them (which I think is a stress related reaction...she needs to poop), and when she tries to chew them she gags and runs to the bathroom again. She is supposed to be on a multi, vit d, calcium, and fish oil. Do you do any other supplements that work well?
I HAVE tried a liquid fish oil (It comes in a capsule that you squeeze)...no matter what I mix it with she says it is nasty lol!
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Hi Angie,

I have had a liquid multi-vitamin before. I was recommended this as it was thought to be easier to absorb while I was flaring. I truly do not remember the taste, but it might be something your daughter does not mind.

I have seen liquid vitamin D drops that I imagine are flavorless or a tolerable flavour.

I have also seen chewable vitamins containing Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D all in one chewable wafer. I have seen these in more tasty flavours like chocolate, but they might have also had sugar or sugar equivalents added to them to make them tastier.

I have seen the chewables in many places (including many pharmacys and some grocery stores) however the top two items may be mostly found in health food stores.
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Thanks! I should have clarified it's the chewables she is having such a hard time with. I'll have to check out a health food store next week...thanks!
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Liquid vitamin D is easy to find. Costco has a liquid multivitamin. They do make gummy bear multivitamins but when Caitlyn had a colonoscopy they saw them left in her intestines.

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We all have the liquid Vit. D at home... Our is 1000 IU per drop. Tastes exactly like olive oil. (Let me know if you want me to check the brand...)
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There is a line called Vitafusion I use but they are adult vitamins. It has a great calcium vitamin D gummy. I know they have a gummy fish oil that tastes pretty good. I am not sure what they have in the way of kids Vits. Daniel has taken them & likes them. On the bottle for the Calcium it reads ... Contains NO wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, or soy. It does have sucrose, glucose syrup, citric & lactic acid in them. Daniel likes to swallow pills has no problem but I 1/2 each gummy as they are really high in D. He never had a problem. But I don't worry with him having some extra D as he doesnt have much of an intake of milk products. Good idea about the health food store as they have other Vitamins in liquid. I also have taken a Vitamin B's in liquid that tastes of citrus. I hope this helps some.

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Chloe and my oldest takes Animal Parade made by Nature's Plus. We get them at Kimberton Whole Food stores. They are chewable but they have a whole line of other vitamins that are kid friendly. They may have Vit D also. If you have trouble finding them let me know I can look into it at my local store.
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Have you tried Coromega for the Omega 3? http://www.amazon.com/Coromega-Omega.../dp/B000FFQATA

My kids all liked this ... but we are now taking gummy vitamins ... did not realize they could stay in your intestines ... yikes!
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After seeing the gummie vitamins in the intestine, did the dr suggest using something other than gummies? That is what we give here.... Maybe should rethink that.
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Alex takes Centrum kids chewables multivitamin, it's a more complete multi than any gummies I can find. I have him on a taffy-like chewable calcium/Vit-D. I haven't found a fish oil one to do.
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