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Can exercise/activity be bad?

I was wondering if anyone else has flare ups after exercise or physical activity? I have been playing sports for years and my stomach is always at it's worst after games or practices. Is this normal? Anyway to prevent it?
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yes i get this as well, unfortunately i dont think theres anything you can do. ive read into this and it seems even "normal" people can sometimes get this with bleeding. I think its just something we have to put up with.
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If your illness is active, it might be best to stick to really easy low-impact exercises such as yoga. I'm in remission now and am able to push myself hard in the gym, but back when my illness was active and uncontrolled, I pretty much only did yoga. I did it at home (with the Wii Fit) too so that I would be able to run to the bathroom as needed. Exercise is great and you shouldn't stop altogether, but if what you're doing causes worsening symptoms then that's probably a good sign to tone down the activity and intensity levels.
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Last year I rode my Mtn bike 5 days a week, 25-60 miles a day with an open abcess leaking out of my side. I was in little pain, but I think the exercise helped me get my mind off of things. I had small bowel ress back in Feb 2011 and I feel like I am in a new body, hitting the gym and now the trails that we have warm weather in MI. Billy.
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I find that if I exercise to aggressively (either too much in one day or too much over a series of days without recovering) that I can get cramping or other symptoms.

After physical exertion all bodies need time to rest and recover. I think everyone is a bit different in terms of where their fitness level is at and how long their bodies need to recover, so it is more important to listen to your body and learn your own guidelines of what healthy activity is and when you are pushing yourself too much.

Part of recovery would include enough sleep, which I also know personally impacts me and my health if I am not getting enough.
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I am..used to be a runner. My GI and dietician eventually banned me from running as they don't want any calories used up unless necessary.
I am really looking forward to getting back to exercise as all my muscles are a bit knackered now.
If you are feeling well, start with gentle exercise and work up until your body whispers its not happy.
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