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Anyone on imuran & remicade for fistulas?

I've been suffering from a horseshoe fistula for almost 3 years now and nothing seems to work for it. Had multiple surgeries and have 3 draining setons and have been on remicade at 5 ml every 8 weeks for 2 years now. It seems like the remicade isn't as effective as it used to be and I went to head of GI at a major research center who wants me to be much more aggressive w my treatment now. She wants me on remicade every 4 weeks at 10 ml and to start imuran. My regular GI said he's never had any of his patients on this combination so I'm nervous about this. The plan is to try and close the fistula or at least make it smaller so I can try a plug procedure.
I'm a 36 year old woman and the new doctor prescribing imuran told me that the cancer risk (for Lymphoma) with this 2 drugs together was seen mostly on older men and that in her experience she didn't seem too concerned. I am still nervous. Is anyone on this combo for a fistula? Any advice? Thanks!
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I've never taken either so I'll bump your thread in hopes that someone else may be of some help.
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No experience here either but perhaps you could also ask your question in the Fistula, Fissure and Abscess Forum.

Good luck!

Dusty. xxx
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Hi dgg and welcome :-) I have been on the Aza/Remi combo, briefly. I had an internal abscess and fistula. The fistula closed on antibiotics eventually ( Cipro and Metradinazole ) and they also managed to shrink the abscess. I'd been on Aza for 2 months when I went in to hospital fora pre-op assessment to deal with the persistant inflammation, but they decided to try Remi first and after three infusions, it has worked!
I know the med regime is pretty scary, but for me, so were the symptoms of the Crohn's + complications and Remi has a good success rate with external fistulae.
Like Dusty says, pop over to our forum. There are others with similar issues to yourself and you'll be most welcome.
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Thanks for the update! I will post on the other thread to see if I get more responses. I really appreciate it. Happy you're doing so well!

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