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Crohn's friendly pizza

No wheat, no dairy if you dont want, low on carbohydrates & additives, just what crohn patient needs. Still, if you are bleeding, I dont recommend this, just start SCD-diet and when you are feeling better, test this.

Pizza Base (can be used as bread also):

4 eggs
2 dl sour cream (drop it if you cant stand dairy, then add more eggs & water)
3-4 dl almond flour
~200g crated cheese
+spices you like (i use cinnamon and dried berries & raisins )

spread on oven tin

~ 10 min in 200 C oven
(here you can fry meat)

on top of the base
natural tomato dew
fried minced meat 400-600g (i prefer 60% pork, 40% cow)
tuna 200g (without sunflower oil, it doesnt work with your omega 6 levels)
pineapple slices (in own juice, cut away those useless sugars)
blue cheese
and top layer crated cheese or cheese slices

~20 mins in 200 C


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